Virus Prevention

Contactless solutions

Virus Prevention

At Avanti Doors we provide all contactless access solutions for your premises. from your main entrance to your toilet access all the way back to your staff entrance and every doorway in between. bacteria can live up to 72 hours on hard surfaces which is a big issue at this current time. when it comes to doors everyone at your premises needs to use these to access, the building, rooms and amenities.

Making your doors touchless to open could make a massive improvement to your contamination prevention and really increase the effectiveness of all the procedures you have already put into place to prevent spread of this pandemic.

Available Options;

  • Automation to any existing doors with touchless (wave) technology.

  • Removal of key switches from roller shutters and a remote-control system fitted. each remote would be for each user preventing cross contamination.

  • Sensors fitted to rapid doors/industrial doors for easy touchless access.

Virus Prevention Solutions

We can quote for a range of virus prevention contactless systems. With the COVID-19 pandemic being an ever increasing issue the services we provide are becoming increasingly popular to work spaces everywhere. To prevent contact with doors, handles, shutters, key switches and push buttons.

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